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Drug Abuse  - the destruction of individualism and free thinking in our society

Why are we consulting in the area of drug abuse, Prevention and Rehabilitation ?

Drugs have become a serious problem in todays society. It affects all parts of life. The founder of Setas Consulting had prior to his athletic career personal experience with drugs. The drug problem in high performance sports, in business, in todays society in general has encouraged him to work and communicate solutions in this field.

Drugs have become a menace!


We can direct you to the right solutions to lead a drug free live or how to prevent drugs ever to become a problem!

Stefan Burkart is an Ambassador of the   Drug Free World Foundation 



Drugs the burden of our culture


Many of our great artists and intellectuals back in the 60ies believed that drugs are a key to higher creativity and general awareness.

Many employees have started to use stimulants. This ranges from very mild stimulants like Caffeine (taken in tablet form) or light dosages of ephedrine to strong stimulants like Ritalin (Methylphenidate), Adderall (Dextroamphetamin/Levoamphetamin) and illicit drugs as Cocaine, Crystal Meth and Crack Cocaine. Further in combination with alcohol, painkillers or sleeping drugs this can quickly lead to a very vicious cycle.

Drugs and DruAbuse Impact on businesses.pdf