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Social Affairs

It is our all responsibility to help to create an environment where people can work and live to prosper and flourish. As an Ambassador of the Drug Free World Foundation Stefan Burkart has been commited for years to combat the problem of Drug Abuse.

Networking with various groups is a key objective to us in order to achive a greater understanding of the current social problems of society and help to resolve them.

Al Tawasol International Tent

 Narconon Drug Rehabilitation 

 Drug Free World Foundation  

 Peace and Human Rights


The Resolution of conflicts

We at Setas see it as part of our responsibility to point to solutions of general nature to help our business, families and fellow man.

How is it possible that conflicts between nations, groups or people can seemingly not be resolved ? How can conflicts last for decades and decades and no progress can be made ? Is it ill intent on part of one nation, group or person ? Is there no hope to resolve certain issues ?

Lets take another look !

The resolution of conflicts - THE THIRD-PARTY LAW.pdf


Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse prevent a safe and prosperous environment. Drug Abuse is world wide the most destructive issue in todays societies. Human misery, attrocieties, suicides are to great part drug releated.

Prescription Drug Abuse has taken a great part of the problem, for more information see:  Citizens Commission on Human Rights


We are consulting privat individuals, companies, governments, legislaturs and educators on specific social affairs. We are specialised in solutions for the Prevention and the Rehabilitation of Drugs.

see our White Papers Drugs, Prevention and Rehabilitation