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The Al Tawasol International Tent


The value of Networking

We all know the value of networking. However in this day and age we usually associate networking with our modern media, Internet and its social platforms. We sometimes forget the value of sitting face to face to exchang ideas, resolve problems and create new opportunities.

The Al Tawasol International Tent is networking in its pure Arabic traditional form. A wonderful way to build business opportunities, understanding, friendships and help to resolve social issues.

I  am proud to be a strategic partner and ambassador of

the Al Tawasol  International Tent , Abu Dhabi UAE


The interest in the human soul and its development as a supreme value in various fields has been emphasized by various divine laws

Therefore we are in the tent of global communication always working on the development of human soul through our social, cultural and religious activities.

Based on these fundamental concepts, its meaning and the university of those human dimensions, the idea of ​​the global communication tent saw the light and the three good United Arab Emirates, which formed the fertile soil and the basis for its optimal development. and thanks to the vision and the great principles of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Nayadi

Founder and Chairman











The Al Tawasol International Tent is proud to be under the patronage of his Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan














Goals and objectives of the Tavasol International Tent

The aim of the Global Communication Tent is to promote effective communication leading to development, enhance the positive image of the United Arab Emirates and strengthen the bonds of friendship, cooperation and coexistence between the peoples at the regional and international levels by achieving the following objectives:

  • The Tent of Communication is dedicated to honoring some prominent personlities who have contributed to the spread of culture among peoples

  • The Global Communication Tent organizes initiatives, loyalty documents, letters of love and loyalty from people to good leaders

  • Create a welcoming space that allows its positve visitors to communicate effectively within an optimistic atmosphere and positive values

  • Linking communication between businessmen and officials outside formal frameworks

  • Provide specialized courses that enhance the skills of effective communication based on the actual needs of the trainees and their specificities

  • Bring the parties together and create the ground for reconciliation, cooperation and partnership

  • Enable the pioneers of the global communication tent to benefit from brainstorming and exchange of knowledge in achieving the legitimate aspirations that contribute to achieving sustainable development

  • To contribute effectively to enhancing the positive image of the United Arab Emirates (government and people) on the western and global levels

  • Spreading the idea of ​​a communication tent at the GCC, Arab and international level, so that it will be an incubator for businessmen, officials and community actors within an integrated network.

 Holding high the traditions and customs oft he United Arab Emirates



 Exchanging Ideas and building bridges of understanding and friendship